About Harris Senior Living

We will identify and work in targeted markets with passionate aim to make a positive and measurable difference in the lives of those we serve. Compassionate care will be our hallmark.

People will say our community is better because we are there. We will partner and seek guidance for growth with those of like missions to achieve positive clinical and financial outcomes and are known for outstanding customer satisfaction. We will continuously seek to improve services with enthusiasm and openness to change. We will take individual ownership of and accountability for our actions to advance our purpose. We will be a vital part of the communities we serve and our care will be reflected in all we do.

To add quality care to the lives of those we serve.

To be present, to listen and serve with genuine authenticity.

Compassionate Care and Service
Strive for Continuous Improvement
Be Humble and Kind
Always Improve Our Standards
Practice the “Golden Rule”

Daniel Eastwood

President & Executive Director
Harris Senior Living